Sickly sweet and sour season
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This was the best snow season of my life! At the same time I experienced my worst moments in the mountains.

Nature has its contrasts and it lets its children experience these.

It’s our addiction to play with natures’ forces and sometimes you are going for a gamble as nature got its own plan figured out already.


The snow was fantastic the whole season long and I enjoyed every day of being in the mountains:


I had the best bottomless powder wood runs.



I experienced my coldest nights out camping at minus 25°C in the mountains.



I could climb and ride mountains back home we couldn’t ever do before due to a combination of a great snow and stable conditions.




My dream came true to ride in Alaska. I had my best days ever in those beautiful Chugach mountains.



I met awesome people throughout this winter.

It was great to share my best moments with such special people. Thank you!





I was blown away so many times by the beauty of nature covered in white.


I was taken down the mountain twice by avalanches this season.

I was lucky twice.

I know about others who weren’t as lucky as me. I deeply feel for their families.


I don’t regret a second of my experiences.

Even I have to check in to hospital tomorrow for another ACL surgery…the second slide made me sacrifice my knee ligament…anyway, could be much worse…

Albert Einstein once said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” I wish I always could, but I learned quite a bit during this winter. I guess to really understand is a lifetime process.



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  1. conny says:

    Hey Bibi

    Wahnsinns Fotos sooo cool dass du nach Alaska gfahren bist , echt Wahnsinn.
    Ois guate fuer die Op und a schnelle Heilung
    Liebe Gruesse auch an Mitch von uns 3en:-)

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